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Wisdom is better than wit, and in the long run will certainly  have the laugh on her side.

Seek patience and passion in equal amounts. Patience alone will not build the temple. Passion alone will destroy its walls.

Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character give him power.

A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul. Wisdom is better than silver and gold.

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Anyone can become angry - that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, at the right time, and for the right purpose and in the right way - that is not within everyone's power and that is not easy.

Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.

Abraham Lincoln

You ain't gonna miss your water until your well runs dry.

I read less and less. I have not forgiven books for their failure to tell me the truth and make me happy.

Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

Facts are many but the truth is one.

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.

Desire to have things done quickly prevents their being done thoroughly.

Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall.

Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.

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