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Every man prefers belief to the exercise of judgment.

Don't wait for the last judgment - it takes place every day.

Minds will wander even during the Last Judgment.

Failure is simply a few errors in judgment repeated every day.

Every judgement of conscience, be it right or wrong, be it about things evil in themselves or morally indifferent, is obligatory in such wise that he who acts against his conscience always sins.

If two friends ask you to judge a dispute don't accept, because you will lose one friend, on the other hand if two strangers come with the same request, accept, because you will gain one friend.

I'm not a judgmental person so I can't comment on someone else's background.

About the most originality that any writer can hope to achieve honestly is to steal with good judgment.

Josh Billings

I'm going to let God be the judge of who goes to heaven and hell.

Our duty is to believe that for which we have sufficient evidence, and to suspend our judgment when we have not.

Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.

Experts often possess more data than judgment.

I learned you can't trust the judgment of good friends.

A stand-up comic is judged by every line. Singers get applause at the end of their song, no matter how bad they are.

Children begin by loving their parents, after a time they judge them, rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.

English usage is sometimes more than mere taste judgment and education - sometimes it's sheer luck, like getting across the street.

Some counterfeits reproduce so very well the truth that it would be a flaw of judgment not to be deceived by them.

God judged it better to bring good out of evil, than to suffer no evil to exist.

For all right judgment of any man or things it is useful, nay, essential to see his good qualities before pronouncing on his bad.

College is a refuge from hasty judgment.

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