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Charity is injurious, unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it.

Mickey Mouse is to me a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end.

In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.

Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much the higher consideration.

Every human has four endowments - self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom... The power to choose to respond to change.

Stephen Covey

There is no dignity quite so impressive, and no one independence quite so important, as living within your means.

Traditional science assumes, for the most part, that an objective observer, independent reality exists, the universe, stars, galaxies, sun, moon and earth, would still be there if no one was looking.

Happiness may be defined as good fortune joined to virtue or a independence, or as a life that is both agreeable and secure.

The Declaration of Independence I always considered as a theatrical show. Jefferson ran away with all the stage effect of that... and all the glory of it.

The United Nations is designed to make possible lasting freedom and independence for all its members.

I am drawn to women who are independent and creative, which is problematic because it's a struggle a competition of careers. There's jealousy.

It is not wealth one asks for but just enough to preserve one's dignity to work unhampered to be generous frank and independent.

When BP was not moving fast enough on claims we told BP to set aside $20 billion in a fund - managed by an independent third party - to help all those whose lives have been turned upside down by the spill.

The class of citizens who provide at once their own food and their own raiment may be viewed as the most truly independent and happy.

All the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing and a mere bubble except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary.

No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone no matter how great his ability or capital. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.

I have grown up alone. I've taken care of myself. I worked earned money and was independent at 18.

In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments the governments alone independent of the interests of the people to whom war is always pernicious even when successful.

Part of your heritage in this society is the opportunity to become financially independent.

Mankind is not likely to salvage civilization unless he can evolve a system of good and evil which is independent of heaven and hell.

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