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So far is it from being true that men are naturally equal that no two people can be half an hour together but one shall acquire an evident superiority over the other.

I do not wonder that British youth is in revolt against the morbid doctrine that nothing matters but the equal sharing of miseries, that what used to be called the submerged tenth can only be rescued by bringing the other nine-tenths down to their le

Ambidextrous adj.: Able to pick with equal skill a right-hand pocket or a left.

To equal a predecessor one must have twice they worth.

Every society gets the kind of criminal it deserves. What is equally true is that every community gets the kind of law enforcement it insists on.

A friend should be one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity.

Success and failure are equally disastrous.

Small natures require despotism to exercise their sinews as great souls thirst for equality to give play to their heart.

An act has no ethical quality whatever unless it be chosen out of several all equally possible.

With patient and firm determination I am going to press on for jobs. I'm going to press on for equality. I'm going to press on for the sake of our children. I'm going to press on for the sake of all those families who are struggling right now. I don't have time to feel sorry for myself. I don't have time to complain. I am going to press on.

Once made equal to man woman becomes his superior.

In every power of which taste is the foundation, excellence is pretty fairly divided among the sexes.

It is better that some should be unhappy rather than that none should be happy which would be the case in a general state of equality.

All of the books in the world contain no more information than is broadcast as video in a single large American city in a single year. Not all bits have equal value.

Where divinity is sought after one ought always to behave in the spirit of Love devoid of the slightest trace of hate envy and anger. When one cultivates the inner look one attains the conviction of the basic equality of all.

Sai Baba

By nature all men are equal in liberty but not in other endowments.

While civilization has been improving our houses it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them. It has created palaces but it was not so easy to create noblemen and kings.

These men ask for just the same thing, fairness and fairness only. This, so far as in my power, they, and all others, shall have.

In the usual progress of things the necessities of a nation in every stage of its existence will be found at least equal to its resources.

In politics as in religion it is equally absurd to aim at making proselytes by fire and sword. Heresies in either can rarely be cured by persecution.

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