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As is the desire of Providence so functions one's intellect, one's activities are also controlled by Providence, and by the will of Providence one is surrounded by helpers.

Better murder an infant in its cradle than nurse an unacted desire.

Our necessities never equal our wants.

He whose hands are clean does not like to hold an office, he who desires nothing cares not for bodily decorations, he who is only partially educated cannot speak agreeably, and he who speaks out plainly cannot be a deceiver.

Desire is like the shadow caused by the morning sun, it gets longer when you run to catch, it makes you a fool.

The family is the association established by nature for the supply of man's everyday wants.

Friendship is the expression of unshakable LOVE, LOVE that is noble, pure, free from desire or egoism.

Another point, you desire that I should come to your houses, you pray to Me to do so you grieve when I do not come, you start reviling yourself that you are poorer than others, that you are spiritually underdeveloped perhaps and so on. I have no place in My heart for such distinctions and differences.

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