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Poverty is the parent of revolution

Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem.

One small cat changes coming home to an empty house, to coming home.

Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different...

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given, than to explore the power they have to change it. 

Don’t trust people whose feelings change with time. Trust people whose feelings remain the same, even when the time changes.

Full fathom five thy father lies, of his bones are coral made. Those are pearls that were his eyes. Nothing of him that doth fade, but doth suffer a sea-change into something rich and strange.

Even when laws have been written down they ought not always to remain unaltered.

People want to change everything and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

A heart well prepared for adversity, in bad times hopes, and in good times fears for a change in fortune.

I don't think the human mind can comprehend the past and the future. They are both just illusions that can manipulate you into thinking theres some kind of change.

The call of death is a call of love. Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

I didn't have nothin' going for me... school, home... until I found something I loved, which was music, and that changed everything.

For having lived long I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information or fuller consideration to change opinions, even on important subjects which I once thought right but found to be otherwise.

All great change in America begins at the dinner table.

Everything is changeable, everything appears and disappears, there is no blissful peace until one passes beyond the agony of life and death.

Jealousy is bred in doubts. When those doubts change into certainties, then the passion either ceases or turns absolute madness.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld
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