Only a humanity to whom death has become as indifferent as its members that has itself died can inf Theodor W. Adorno Quotes
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Only a humanity to whom death has become as indifferent as its members, that has itself died, can inflict it administratively on innumerable people.

Theodor W. Adorno

Theodor W. Adorno (September 11, 1903 – August 6, 1969) was a German philosopher, sociologist, and composer known for his critical theory of society. He was a leading member of the Frankfurt School of critical theory. He is widely regarded as one of the 20th century's foremost thinkers on aesthetics and philosophy, as well as one of its preeminent essayists.

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For a man who no longer has a homeland writing becomes a place to live.
The hardest hit as everywhere are those who have no choice.
Exuberant health is always as such sickness also.
He who has loved and who betrays love does harm not only to the image of the past but to the past i

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