It is good to be solitary for solitude is difficult, that something is difficult must be a reason t Rainer Maria Rilke Quotes
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It is good to be solitary, for solitude is difficult, that something is difficult must be a reason the more for us to do it.

Rainer Maria Rilke

René Karl Wilhelm Johann Josef Maria Rilke (4 December 1875 – 29 December 1926) — better known as Rainer Maria Rilke — was a Bohemian-Austrian poet and novelist, "widely recognized as one of the most lyrically intense German-language poets", writing in both verse and highly lyrical prose. 

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The purpose of life is to be defeated by greater and greater things.
Love consists in this that two solitudes protect and touch and greet each other.
Let everything happen to you, Beauty and terror, Just keep going, No feeling is final.
The only sadnesses that are dangerous and unhealthy are the ones that we carry around in public in order to drown them out with the noise.

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