Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 – 5 May 1821) was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during the French Revolution and led several successful campaigns during the French Revolutionary Wars. As Napoleon I, he was Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814, and again in 1815. Napoleon dominated European and global affairs for more than a decade while leading France against a series of coalitions in the Napoleonic Wars.

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I can no longer obey, I have tasted command and I cannot give it up.

A celebrated people lose dignity upon a closer view.

War is the business of barbarians.

A throne is only a bench covered with velvet.

Women are nothing but machines for producing children.

Ambition never is in a greater hurry that I, it merely keeps pace with circumstances and with my general way of thinking.

From the heights of these pyramids forty centuries look down on us.

The army is the true nobility of our country.

There are only two forces in the world the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.

A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.

Music is the voice that tells us that the human race is greater than it knows.

The extent of your consciousness is limited only by your ability to love and to embrace with your love the space around you and all it contains.

Men take only their needs into consideration - never their abilities.

It requires more courage to suffer than to die.

The herd seek out the great not for their sake but for their influence, and the great welcome them out of vanity or need.

There is only one step from the sublime to the ridiculous.

There is no such thing as accident, it is fate misnamed.

To do all that one is able to do is to be a man, to do all that one would like to do is to be a god.

Ability is nothing without opportunity.

One must change one's tactics every ten years if one wishes to maintain one's superiority.

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