Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney

Willard Mitt Romney (born March 12, 1947) is an American businessman and politician who served as the 70th Governor of Massachusetts from 2003 to 2007 and the Republican Party's nominee for President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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If you want a president who will make things better in the African-American community you are looking at him. You take a look!

Massachusetts children cannot only lead the nation in test scores they can be competitive with the best in the world. And the gap in achievement among races can virtually disappear.

Mr. Chairman delegates. I accept your nomination for President of the United States of America. I do so with humility deeply moved by the trust you have placed in me. It is a great honor. It is an even greater responsibility.

Republicans prefer straight talk to politically correct talk!

I've been looking at some video clips on YouTube of President Obama - then candidate Obama - going through Iowa making promises. The gap between his promises and his performance is the largest I've seen well since the Kardashian wedding and the promise of 'til death do we part.

That said your values will not always be the object of public admiration. In fact the more you live by your beliefs the more you will endure the censure of the world.

Like me the great majority of Americans wish both to preserve the traditional definition of marriage and to oppose bias and intolerance directed towards gays and lesbians.

No person I have ever met not even the most righteous or pure of heart has gone without those times when faith recedes in the busy-ness of life.

Mom and Dad were married 64 years. And if you wondered what their secret was you could have asked the local florist - because every day Dad gave Mom a rose which he put on her bedside table. That's how she found out what happened on the day my father died - she went looking for him because that morning there was no rose.

Religious liberty is the first freedom in our Constitution. And whether the cause is justice for the persecuted compassion for the needy and the sick or mercy for the child waiting to be born there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.

I am in favor of stem-cell research. I am not in favor of creating new human embryos through cloning.

People from both political parties have long recognized that welfare without work creates negative incentives that lead to permanent poverty. It robs people of self-esteem.

We still believe in the America that is a land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom. We believe in the America that challenges each of us to be better and bigger than ourselves.

On one of the most personal matters of our lives our health care President Obama would turn decision making over to government bureaucrats. He forced through Obama-care and I will repeal it.

For those who have come here illegally they might have a transition time to allow them to set their affairs in order. And then go back home and get in line with everybody else. And if they get in line and they apply to become a citizen and get a green card they will be treated like everybody else.

Third we will make trade work for America by forging new trade agreements. And when nations cheat in trade there will be unmistakable consequences.

We conservatives don't have a corner on saying 'no'. We're just the ones who say it when it's the right thing to say.

I don't see how a young American can vote for well can vote for a Democrat.

And let me make this very clear - unlike President Obama I will not raise taxes on the middle class. As president I will protect the sanctity of life. I will honor the institution of marriage. And I will guarantee America's first liberty: the freedom of religion.

I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour. America he said had dictated to other nations. No Mr. President America has freed other nations from dictators.

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