Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead (December 16, 1901 – November 15, 1978) was an American cultural anthropologist who featured frequently as an author and speaker in the mass media during the 1960s and 1970s. Mead was a respected and often controversial academic who popularized the insights of anthropology in modern American and Western culture.

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I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world.

Man's role is uncertain undefined and perhaps unnecessary.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

Prayer does not use up artificial energy doesn't burn up any fossil fuel doesn't pollute. Neither does song neither does love neither does the dance.

We have nowhere else to go... this is all we have.

We are now at a point where we must educate our children in what no one knew yesterday and prepare our schools for what no one knows yet.

It may be necessary temporarily to accept a lesser evil but one must never label a necessary evil as good.

I have a respect for manners as such they are a way of dealing with people you don't agree with or like.

Thanks to television for the first time the young are seeing history made before it is censored by their elders.

I must admit that I personally measure success in terms of the contributions an individual makes to her or his fellow human beings.

Women want mediocre men and men are working to be as mediocre as possible.

I was wise enough to never grow up while fooling most people into believing I had.

One of the oldest human needs is having someone to wonder where you are when you don't come home at night.

Life in the twentieth century is like a parachute jump: you have to get it right the first time.

Nobody has ever before asked the nuclear family to live all by itself in a box the way we do. With no relatives no support we've put it in an impossible situation.

The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today.

What people say what people do and what they say they do are entirely different things.

Instead of needing lots of children we need high-quality children.

It is an open question whether any behavior based on fear of eternal punishment can be regarded as ethical or should be regarded as merely cowardly.

Having two bathrooms ruined the capacity to co-operate.

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