Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong

Lance Edward Armstrong (born September 18, 1971) is an American former professional road racing cyclist. Armstrong is the 1993 professional world champion, and won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005. However, in 2012, he was banned from sanctioned Olympic sports for life as a result of long-term doping offenses. As part of those sanctions, all results going back to August 1998, including his seven Tour wins, were voided.

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I felt like today might be the day when the jersey would be given away and it turned out it was

What scares me is (the re-testing procedure) would create a full-blown witch hunt. This would give them another year to sabotage the system again and that's not a good thought. I love my sport. I love racing. I feel I have accomplished enough.

I can beat him on a f**king mountain bike with knobbies.

Yet again a European newspaper has reported that I have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs

We were better ... That's good going into the rest day: regroup and get ready for the big climbs.

I will return to Spain to rest up and be back on the bike in a couple of days.

So it was a good field but the most important thing was that the team came up with a very difficult plan for me. Lance helped me a lot and having an idol a mentor like that to come up with a plan and for me to put the icing on the cake was a huge accomplishment. It taught me that if I believe in myself I can push my own limits. I hope to achieve that here next year even more and hopefully arrive at the top eventually.

This is the guy (Ullrich) that has challenged me and our team

For the head of the agency to say he actually doesn't believe in the code .... if your career is riding on the line wouldn't you want a B sample?. The French have been after [me] forever and 'whoops!' there's no B sample? The stakes are too high.

I also did this at the Tour of California which was pretty cool. Today we helped out when necessary, but a lot of what I did was talk business with Johan.

Four or five anti-doping experts around the world that have gone on the record and said this is crazy.

All I can say is that when we got a phone call to ask if I was interested in driving the Pace Car at Indy it was a very short conversation. It was like 'Are you kidding? Of course.' It's a huge honor and something that I am very excited to do. Hopefully I cannot mess things up if that's possible.

Too light is when it is out of the rules. There are weight limits in place.

Just trying to stay retired dude.

Matt's somebody I've known for a few years and is willing to play the part. He can dig into it on the athletic side and the illness side but he'll also look and ride and feel like a professional cyclist.

He's going to win.

I'm thinking it's the best way ... I'm exercising every day.

not happy because Lance did them in front of their own birds.

The latter part of the year with the rumor that was a nightmare. Fortunately sports fans see through it.

There are other countries in Europe

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