Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

François VI, Duc de La Rochefoucauld, Prince de Marcillac (15 September 1613 – 17 March 1680) was a noted French author of maxims and memoirs. It is said that his world-view was clear-eyed and urbane, and that he neither condemned human conduct nor sentimentally celebrated it.

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It is not enough to have great qualities, We should also have the management of them.

Quarrels would not last long if the fault was only on one side.

Though men are apt to flatter and exalt themselves with their great achievements yet these are in truth very often owing not so much to design as chance.

Fortune converts everything to the advantage of her favorites.

Innocence does not find near so much protection as guilt.

The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us.

We are more often treacherous through weakness than through calculation.

What is called generosity is usually only the vanity of giving, we enjoy the vanity more than the thing given.

Before we set our hearts too much upon anything let us examine how happy they are who already possess it.

We seldom find any person of good sense except those who share our opinions.

Usually we praise only to be praised.

We do not despise all those who have vices but we do despise those that have no virtue.

Never give anyone the advice to buy or sell shares because the most benevolent price of advice can turn out badly.

As it is the characteristic of great wits to say much in few words so small wits seem to have the gift of speaking much and saying nothing.

We pardon to the extent that we love.

It is great folly to wish to be wise all alone.

One can find women who have never had one love affair but it is rare indeed to find any who have had only one.

Decency is the least of all laws but yet it is the law which is most strictly observed.

Those that have had great passions esteem themselves for the rest of their lives fortunate and unfortunate in being cured of them.

Every one speaks well of his own heart but no one dares speak well of his own mind.

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